Ein Violoncello-Fest
Anzeiger von Sarnen
24. August 2012

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  Hohe Singstimme verband sich mit dunklen Celli
Bernerzeitung Oberland
21. August 2012

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Juli 2012

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  Klassikkonzert in der Staumauer begeisterte
Urner Wochenblatt
Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

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Schreiben von Herr Nayer Nagui

This is really unbelievable...I never heard such a good transcription and performance, especially the Ouverture and the dance des Millitrons...also the Dance des fleurs is out of this world..these guys are great they don't need a full Orcehstra to play with.

Nayer Nagui

Artistic Director/Principal Conductor
Cairo Opera Orchestra